Why Horses?

The horse-human connection

Horses have served people for thousands of years. It is only since the middle of the last century that the physical, psychological and emotional benefits for humans from the close interaction between the two have been explored formally.

Lives changed through horses

The ability of horses to influence positive behaviour change in humans is receiving increased international recognition. A wealth of experience from around the world indicates that interacting with horses can effect improvements in self-confidence, emotional intelligence and other aspects of learning.

Instant, honest, non-judgmental feedback

Any human / equine interaction requires continual attention to the horse’s natural behaviour in order to achieve a positive outcome. As prey animals, horses are highly attuned to their surroundings and react instantly to anything that they perceive as danger – by taking flight away from anger or aggression. People who exhibit calm and confident energy achieve a very different response than those who approach the horse tentatively. Horses react silently, honestly and dispassionately to the emotions of those around them. The non-judgemental nature of a horse encourages deep connection and generates insights which lead to changed behaviour.