The 100 Day Leadership Shifts creates a rapid, focused step change in performance when a team wants to accelerate change-readiness, culture change or engagement.

What are the benefits?

Immediate benefits include:

  • Everyone aligned to a common direction and priority shifts
  • New ways of working to initiate a new culture quickly
  • Shifts in behaviour, visible and symbolic to the wider organisation
  • Significantly heightened emotional intelligence (EQ)

Example shifts include:

Who is it for?
Leadership teams who have a significant impact on organisational performance and the appetite to step up this contribution at pace.

How does it work?
The 100 Day Programme accelerates performance shifts in leadership teams by providing a high energy, intensive coaching programme that leads to greater accountability, improved decision-making and a powerful team dynamic.

The programme works through a combination of semi-structured team coaching and 1:1 coaching over 100 days. The team commits to shifting specific behaviours and working practices to address business change priorities. Individuals are given tailored coaching, ‘working on the work’, to achieve their part of the shift required. Robust frameworks hold the team to account for progress made.

The intensive and practical nature of this approach catalyses rapid change that embeds not only within the leadership team, but across the wider organisation.

“You helped me develop my leadership style. I feel I have had a positive influence over the leadership team I work with and we are improving our approach to how we deliver results through people.”

“You assisted me to gain new techniques and strengthen my behaviours. My resilience has continued to grow, and my well-being is significantly improved. We are now the highest performing team in the business.”

“Working with you exceeded my high expectation. I knew you would challenge and encourage me in equal measure with powerful, provocative, thought-provoking questions, holding me accountable for what I committed to do and celebrating my steps forward with me.”