5. Optimise your digital presence


You may still feel a bit nervous, but feeling more like you can speak with authority and inject personality into your digital platforms. You are increasing in confidence and feel inspired to appear on video and to post on your channels.

Do you have a website?

Is your about page on brand?

  • Does it have an image of you?
  • Is it written in the first or third person?
  • Does it cover your audience’s pain points?

Does your website sell your message and services well?

Are your biz social channels optimised?

Do your social channels engage your target audience and generate leads?

  • Identify where your ideal audience hangs out on social
  • Create a social media strategy for your main channels
  • Build some social proof, do you have testimonials or case studies?
  • Ask a previous client or consider exchanging an audit for a recommendation
  • Check out our content planner for post ideas

Can you tell your story with confidence?

  • Practise your story telling in Facebook group
  • Post your why, define your messaging
  • Schedule a video interview with one of the GWTP founders to practise

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