1. Build Your Base


You started out, you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the things you need to get done. You lack confidence and may be unsure of how to find clients, price your services and find the time to market yourself.  

Have you considered your business basics?

Have you decided on a business name?

  • Research names, are they available? Look at social handles and share your idea in the group
  • Weigh up pros/cons of using own name

Do you know what to offer?

  • Research competitors
  • Identify what you like doing
  • Talk to us about your thoughts on where you would like to niche and what you could offer

Do you know what you need to charge?

  • Research competitors
  • Work out ideal income
  • Work through the pricing course and share your thoughts in the group (this we love helping with, be prepared to be challenged!)

Do you know how to better deal with feelings of overwhelm?

Well-being / mindset

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