Go With The Pro Success Path


Joining a new membership is exciting. Our aim is to make it really easy for you to discover which content will help you at each stage of your business journey. Our new Go With The Pro  Success Path shows you a road map for taking your social media business from Good to Great.

We’re here to help you at every stage. If you get stuck and would like help, either join our weekly group coaching calls or post your questions in the Facebook group. We’ve got your back! And don’t forget we publish new content each month. So watch out for our member emails. 


1. Build Your Base

You started out, you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the things you need to get done. You lack confidence and may be unsure of how to find clients, price your services and find the time to market yourself.  

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2. Get to know your audience

You’ve started to network online but may still feel nervous about promoting yourself. You’re not confidently owning your new direction. You’re afraid you might get a question you can’t answer.

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3. Find your clients

You’re eager to connect with more of your ideal clients, but you’re nervous about putting yourself out there. You tend to overservice your clients – to please. You know you still give too much away for free.

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4. Focus your offer & build your brand

You feel as though you have a sense of direction emerging. You are starting to enjoy marketing your business and raising your own profile. You are ready to increase your rates and starting to believe ‘I can do this’.

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5. Optimise your digital presence

You may still feel a bit nervous, but feeling more like you can speak with authority and inject personality into your digital platforms. You are increasing in confidence and feel inspired to appear on video and to post on your channels.

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6. Build your list

You may have a clearer vision and a niche emerging. You feel that ‘this is finally my time’ and are ready to take more ‘scary’ actions, like volunteering for speaking gigs or recording videos.

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7. Reach your vision board

You feel positive about the future. You no longer feel overwhelmed, just excited. You know exactly where you need to focus to achieve your long-term goals.

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