Your Housing Group is one of the UK’s largest social and affordable housing providers, looking after 33,000 homes in the North West of England.  Formed by the merger of two major housing associations, it faced the additional challenges of closer regulator supervision and changes in government funding which meant self-generating an increasing proportion of revenue.

Pecan was commissioned to undertake a culture audit to establish whether the culture was fit to deliver the organisational strategy and if not what development was needed.  The audit consisted of an anonymous on-line survey to capture the views and beliefs of all 2,000 employees, plus interviews and focus groups with leaders, managers and customer facing employees to fully understand prevailing attitudes, behaviours and the causes of these.

The audit was completed in three weeks. We shared our insights and recommendations with the Board and then with the top 60 managers at a strategy day, who were then able to share the findings with their teams.  The recommendations have catalysed and accelerated a number of key programmes to address culture ‘hot spots’ and deliver the target culture.  Pecan is retained to run six monthly Pulse checks to highlight progress and issues emerging.

“You held the mirror up to us, helping us understand our current position. You got the “heartbeat” of our organisation very quickly and understood the unwritten rules that were causing some of the poor behaviours. It felt intuitive although I’m sure it’s from years’ of experience.”
Kathy Cowell, OBE, Chair of Your Housing Group

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