A modern slavery statement is to be produced by certain organisations to comply with The Modern Slavery Act 2015, section 54. Pecan Partnership is considered to be low risk and is not required to produce a statement. Nevertheless, we are committed to ensuring no slavery and/or human trafficking take place within the organisation or its supply chains. To demonstrate that Pecan Partnership acts ethically and with integrity this statement has been produced for the financial year August 2018 – July 2019. 


Pecan Partnership Limited specialises in leadership development, employee engagement and positive change techniques to create a high performing culture. Services are provided to various sectors (public and private), such as Higher Education, Financial Services, Construction, Engineering, Utilities and Housing Associations


Less than 10 members of staff are employed, all based in the UK. Should a new member of staff join Pecan Partnership a recruitment agent would be used to ensure eligibility.  

Pecan Partnership Limited is not regulated and does not hold membership to any societies.

Supply Chains

  • Travel and accommodation suppliers  
  • Office equipment suppliers  
  • Accountant services, banking and pension schemes 
  • IT support, communications (telephones and broadband) and hosting services 
  • Cleaning services 
  • Subcontractors 

Pecan Partnership has, and will continue to, review the policies and statements for all new and existing supplier contracts.

Due Diligence

As part of our initiative to identify and mitigate risk of slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains, we have reviewed our existing and new suppliers of goods and services as detailed above to determine where and how we could ensure there is no slavery and human trafficking affecting any of our suppliers.

We only engage with and buy our equipment from reputable organisations with significant and reliable online presence and published Terms and Conditions.  

So far as suppliers of services are concerned, specific contracts for such services are much more common and could be more readily negotiated. We have implemented a system whereby we require compliance clauses in each new contract we are entering into with such suppliers to contractually ensure their own business is free of modern slavery and human trafficking and where applicable and practicable, the businesses of their own subsidiaries and suppliers. 

Clients and Customers of Pecan Partnership Limited are not classed as vulnerable. However, we would signpost to appropriate support should a potential victim be identified.


All staff, in all roles, are trained in safeguarding issues at induction and the training is updated annually. This includes modern slavery and human trafficking.


Pecan Partnership will continue to be vigilant about modern slavery, and to keep up to date with trends and issues. Should a change in circumstances require, Pecan Partnership will review and enhance its response to modern slavery.

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