Welcome to HorseHeard

 HorseHeard promotes and develops emotional health, wellbeing and resilience through innovative experiential learning programmes with horses

“This was a superb programme for our young leaders, we saw a real change in their confidence, communication skills and empathy for others” (Deputy Head, Primary School, NE London).


HorseHeard facilitates emotional health and wellbeing – unlocking potential and improving lives. Our experiential learning programmes with horses build confidence and self-esteem and empower individuals to overcome their fears and achieve their goals, helping those in need to flourish.

Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) Specialists

HorseHeard team members hold professional qualifications in EFL, teaching, coaching and mentoring, and are equine specialists.

Our team

Our experienced and compassionate team hold professional qualifications in EFL, teaching, coaching and mentoring and are equine specialists. We go where there is need by partnering with riding schools and equine colleges throughout the UK – with indoor arenas we function all year and in all weathers.

Making a difference

HorseHeard has been delivering tangible results since 2013.  The difference we make is best expressed by those we have helped, please see our social impact report.

HorseHeard empowers and equips vulnerable people. They build personal insight, resilience and are better able to manage their lives to contribute to the world in meaningful ways. These accessible, inclusive and cost effective programmes address key national challenges including:
• The mental health ‘Crisis’
• Lack of attainment in education of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds
• Future workforce development challenges

Tangible results


of young people on our programmes said they were better able to manage emotions


of young people on our programmes demonstrated increased confidence


of service veterans on our programmes reported improved mental health


of young people achieved positive action, and behaviour change



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Social Impact

A review of the work HorseHeard has carried out over the last seven years



Hear about our impact direct from our clients



LeadChange is HorseHeard’s corporate partner, working closely together to expand and enhance our impact.

Why Horses

Horses are adept at picking up and responding to human intention and non-verbal communication. They sense and respond to subtle cues in our behaviour and therefore provide instant, honest and accurate feedback in the moment