Find the answers for a better life at home and work

Coaching, Consultancy and Training to start building a better wellbeing culture at home and work.

Do you want to make the change for the happy and fulfilling life you dream of?

Do you want to feel confident to start a conversation about mental health and be able to signpost a person for professional help?

Do you want to create a happier and more productive work team, with Equity Diversity, and Inclusion at its heart?

I’m Nana Meulengracht Larsen, a London-based Leadership and Wellbeing Coach and Consultant and First Aid for Mental Health trainer. I can help you achieve this and more by getting in touch with me today. I provide:

  • One-to-one coaching to help you achieve your goal and improve your Whole Life Balance.
  • First Aid for Mental Health Training to be able to spot when someone is suffering and help them find professional help if needed.
  • Consultancy in Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion for service-based organisations and the arts sector.
  • Leadership Development and Coaching for effective leadership.
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Coaching to thrive in work and life.

How Kickstart Your Goal Coaching can help transform your life

Kickstart Your Goal is my One-to-One Laser-Focused Coaching Program. I will create a tailored program that meets your needs, helps you to achieve the life you dream of and unblocks what is in your way.

It will also help you discover your Whole Life Balance. You can find happiness and fulfilment by bringing together the different facets of your life.

This programme is for you if:

  • You need the tools to change your future and take ownership of your life.
  • You want to understand how to make the change for the life you deserve.
  • You need to become more confident about yourself and your capabilities.
  • You want to find direction in your life and organise your thoughts through positive gentle conversation.
  • You need to put self-care first and overcome stress and other mental health pressures.
  • A change in your circumstances has opened the door to a fresh start in life but you need help getting there.
  • You want to improve all areas of your life, both at home and work.
  • You need to create more time for what is important to you in life.
  • You would prefer online coaching via Zoom from the comfort of your own home.

To find out more:

Take the first step to the life you deserve by booking a Discovery Call with me today.

Get vital training that could help save someone’s life

First aid for mental health is as important to save someone’s life as physical first aid.

Research has shown that 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health condition. At least 1 in 6 will endure mental health problems in the workplace.

I provide Ofqual-regulated training in a choice of 3 qualifications:

· Level 1 in Awareness of Mental Health

· Level 2 in First Aid for Mental Health

· Level 3 in Supervising First Aid for Mental Health

For further information about First Aid for Mental Health training:

Book your First Aid for Mental Health course:

Build a Wellbeing Culture in your workplace

I can help you cultivate a wellbeing culture in your workplace. My coaching, consultancy and training service for service-based organisations and the arts sector helps create teams where everyone feels supported and included.

For nearly 30 years I have worked in and led front-facing teams in some of London’s most popular hospitality and arts venues. With my knowledge and experience I can help you develop successful teams and effective leaders.

This service provides consultancy, coaching and training in:

  • Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Leadership and Development
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing

I will tailor the service I provide to the needs of your team. You will get the advice and guidance for efficient training for your desired outcomes.

Find out more about Building Wellbeing Cultures:

Start building a Better Wellbeing Culture for your team by booking a Discovery Call today:

Why choose me?

Whole Life Balance is born out of my life experiences. My mental health struggles, desire for a better life, and experience on the frontline in the arts and hospitality sector have shaped the services I offer. I have a Diploma in Transformational Coaching from the Animas Centre for Coaching. I have delivered training, mentoring and team coaching for more than 20 years, and coached clients one-to-one for nearly 5 years.

Read more about my story on my About page.

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