Breaking free in 2018

Here are some fundamental truths about employee engagement, motivation and productivity, as well as some killer stats like around 50% of the country’s workforce will look for a new role in 2018, not to mention that one in 10 people have imagined killing their boss at work!

The basic message is that a little human care goes a long way and I think we all experience that. Why then is it clearly so missing in large parts of the workplace? When I ask people to describe the best manager they ever had they invariably describe someone who had their best interest at heart, they genuinely cared and demonstrated it. Simple-ish? They also sometimes describe someone who saw them as the biggest and best version of themselves and acted in line with that. This is harder. It requires a level of reflection, emotional intelligence and a vision for others. It is a nurturing, creative act and all too often managers are far too busy to consider their team as individual human beings with dreams, talents and whole-life motivations. Some people are naturally better at it than others but with the right support anyone can develop this skill. Its so worth it, for everyone. Anyone who has been on the end of this knows how great looks, sounds and feels and they naturally aim to role model this with others. And so a highly contagious empowerment culture develops…

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