Why are we different?

Working with LeadChange can be a truly transformational experience. Here’s why:


Real-play, not role-play.

When we role-play it can be hard to behave authentically in what is clearly not a ‘real-life’ situation. Horses are authentic beings, and interacting with them is for real. Working at liberty gives a horse choice in how it responds and creates the opportunity for your leaders to test how well they create followership.


Participants find that when they connect with their authentic selves and communicate from that place, horses are amazingly responsive. When the (human’s) thinking, judging brain comes into play, horses respond by disengaging from the interaction. This will enable your leaders to explore their authenticity.

Instant, honest feedback.

Horses are imposing creatures – weighing around half a ton. Their size and physical presence seems to magnify the feedback they give, and they make no distinction between the most junior employee and the CEO. Our workshops will challenge your leaders and take them out of their comfort zone, whilst in an environment where it is safe to make mistakes and explore different approaches.


Horses will co-operate and follow when real leadership is demonstrated, but they do not judge when we fail to lead. Honest feedback without judgement is a rare commodity, and one which brings deep insight to workshop participants.

No agenda.

People often run agendas around and for others, particularly in the workplace. Horses do not ask us to change – but they do let us know very clearly whether what we are doing with them is effective in achieving what we want. Your leaders will receive feedback in way that creates personal accountability.

Peer to peer coaching.

The format includes peer-to-peer coaching which enables deeper reflection and collaborative problem solving; and strengthens understanding and therefore relationships within the group. This approach provides a real-life situation in which participants can practise their coaching and feedback skills.

Group learning.

Both the equine and classroom elements create the opportunity for working in groups to reflect upon, and improve, performance. The workshop enables leaders to work deeply and vulnerably with one another; building trust and strengthening the bond between them. It also creates a format for leaders to work together in way that delivers value for them, even in the absence of shared work objectives.

Leadership development specialists.

We design and deliver programmes on a wide range of leadership topics, led by Chartered Psychologists, including Effective Boards, Team Transitions, Team Focus, Leading through Change, Leaders of Leaders, Sales Leaders, Leaders of Organisations and Emotional Agility.