We run workshops for all levels of leaders; from managers new to leadership, to those preparing for board positions. Workshops can be stand alone or built into a leadership programme. They frequently integrate 360’s, behaviour frameworks and psychometrics.  We can also provide 121 coaching sessions, via skype or face to face, as a powerful way ensure the moments of insight reached in our workshops translate to sustained behaviour change.

    All our courses are tailored to our clients’ needs. We have a wealth of experience developing people and will focus the content to meet your organization’s objectives. Some examples of how we have supported our clients; Leading through Change, Authentic Leadership, Mindful Leadership, Coaching with Presence.

    A powerful learning experience

    LeadChange holds up the mirror to leadership behaviours and facilitates rapid development of leadership skills.  Interacting with horses, delegates come face to face with their personal leadership challenges and are coached to overcome them.  The changes they make are reflected back instantly in a dramatic and memorable way by the response of the horses.

    Workshops will be mixture of classroom and equine facilitated learning sessions that creates a cycle of theory, action and reflection; underpinned by Psychology, NLP and neuroscience research. This enables moments of insight to be quickly translated to skills and behavior.  Sessions will build throughout the day giving the opportunity to try new ways of leading in a safe environment.


    Horses teach us to be ‘in the moment’, delegates will experience and practise the concepts of presence and mindfulness. The session will explore;

    • Presence, being in the moment
    • Awareness and focus
    • ‘Tuning in’ to non-verbal communication

    Interacting with horses, delegates will come face to face with their personal leadership challenges, and be coached to overcome them.  The changes they make are reflected back instantly in a dramatic and memorable way by the response of the horses. Outcomes include;

    • Presence, impact and gravitas
    • Personal energy and focus
    • Authenticity
    • Non-verbal communication
    • Working with powerful intention


    • Location: We are geographically flexible so can run at locations, across the UK and internationally, which are convenient for our clients. We have a network of horses and venues all of which are carefully selected to adhere to our high standards from both a client experience and horse care perspective.
    • Weather: The sessions are a mix of classroom sessions and working with the horses in an indoor riding arena so we are not affected by weather conditions.
    • Length: Workshops are typically one day. We also run half days, and work with clients to develop series of workshops that are part of an integrated programme.
    • Numbers: To ensure the best possible experience the equine sessions are limited to groups of up to 7 participants per facilitator / horse. We can have several facilitators running groups simultaneously so can work with large numbers of participants.

    What next?

    We offer a range of courses with horses. Get in touch to find out more on 0333 939 0155 or email info@leadchange.com

  • The most impacting Vistage Speaker session that I ever experienced.

    Ian BeardsmoreManaging Director at Advanex Europe

    The best day of leadership development I have ever experienced.

    Nurun AhmedCommercial Manager at Avidity IP


    We deliver off-site experiences to facilitate boards and senior management teams through key business issues, with a horse experience on one of the days. This approach significantly increases trust, openness and honesty between team members.