We work one to one or in small groups to deliver focused individual development. These sessions are completely person-centric and enable us to work deeply on individual challenges.

    We select coaches for the difference they make – for their ability to bring real change to individuals, teams and organisations.

    Our coaches challenge and support – removing excuses, creating personal responsibility, and increasing self-belief. They get to the core of issues, addressing beliefs, values and thinking patterns to creating lasting change.

    We can also provide follow up 121 coaching sessions, via skype or face to face, as a powerful way ensure the moments of insight reached in our workshops translate to sustained behaviour change.

    A powerful learning experience

    The session will take a person-centered approach underpinned by a variety of coaching, psychology, NLP and neuroscience models. The session will evolve depends on the individual needs that develop, this enables moments of insight to be quickly translated to skills and behaviour.  Our sessions create the opportunity to try new ways of working in a safe environment.


    LeadChange coaches work with clients to:

    • Increase self-awareness
    • Remove energy blocks
    • Raise and focus energy
    • Connect with meaning and purpose
    • Manage stress and achieve balance

    In addition to delivering generalist executive coaching, we have coaches who specialise in:

    • Team working
    • High potentials
    • Sales effectiveness
    • Preparation for senior roles
    • First 90 days in new role


    • Location: We are geographically flexible so can run at locations, across the UK and internationally, which are convenient for our clients. We have a network of horses and venues all of which are carefully selected to adhere to our high standards from both a client experience and horse care perspective.
    • Weather: The sessions are a mix of classroom sessions and working with the horses in an indoor riding arena so we are not affected by weather conditions.
    • Length: Coaching is typically 2-3 hours.
    • Numbers: One-to-one or a small group of 2-3.

    What next?

    Get in touch to find out more about our coaching services, and see what we can do for your business on 0333 939 0155 or email info@leadchange.com


    We deliver off-site experiences to facilitate boards and senior management teams through key business issues, with a horse experience on one of the days. This approach significantly increases trust, openness and honesty between team members.