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  • Never work with children or animals

    Developing leadership presence The Department of Transport in the UK was recently criticised by the Taxpayers’ Association for wasting taxpayers’ money on horse whispering courses for managers. W.C. Fields’ said: ‘never work with children or animals’. So why do government departments and large businesses send senior executives on programmes where they interact with horses? And […]

  • Horse sense

    An (emotionally) intelligent approach to leadership development What is leadership? The Collins Concise dictionary defines the verb ‘lead’ as ‘to show the way (to an individual or a group) by going with or ahead’ – and ‘to cause to act, feel, think, or behave in a certain way; induce, influence’. In the last century, corporate […]

  • Mirror mirror in the stall…?

    Experiential learning, leadership and the equine mirror In this article, Andrew McFarlane of LeadChange explores how reflective feedback from horses helps corporate executives develop practical leadership skills. Experience – the difference There is a gap between theory and practice; between awareness and action; between what we know and what we do. We move from knowing […]

  • The Stallion job

    Andrew McFarlane has recently given an informative and enlightening interview to Friday magazine about his work and experiences with LeadChange. Read on …. The Stallion job: From confidence-building to meeting targets and motivating their teams, business leaders are galloping ahead by learning new skills… from horses. “Stepping forward in the indoor arena, the boss of a […]