Client stories

We have many client stories that demonstrate the power of our equine assisted learning and facilitated coaching.

Alternatively, you may be interested in some of our extended studies.

  • Self belief and focus

    “The best day of leadership development I have ever experienced.” LeadChange ran a retreat workshop for Vistage the world’s leading advisory & executive coaching organization. Nurun, a Vistage member, wanted to use her equine facilitated learning experience to work on developing her self-belief and focus. At the start of the day she didn’t believe she […]

  • High expectations

    Bob is having problems with some of his team, whose work he feels is not good enough. We ask him to pick up the horse’s hoof. This is something that horse owners do most days when they groom their horses, to check that the hoof is healthy and to pick out any small stones that […]

  • Self-fulfilling prophecy

    Valerie is an experienced horse rider and owner who regularly competes at dressage. She has heard about LeadChange’s equine-facilitated learning, and wants to experience this new and different way of interacting with horses. She is asked to lead a horse at liberty (no rope or head-collar) in a figure of eight around the indoor riding […]

  • Adopting the right identity

    A young female executive in her late 20s/early 30s is having difficulty getting her CEO to take her seriously, which is limiting her ability to influence the business. To help her understand and address the issue, we set up an interaction in which a horse is a metaphor for the CEO. Whilst this may sound […]

  • 100% leadership?

    Paul (not his real name) was CEO of the UK division of a global pharmaceutical company when he participated in a LeadChange workshop. His experience illustrates the power and accuracy of the ‘equine mirror’. In a 1:1 session, Paul was being coached on his approach to achieving company objectives. He told the coach: ‘as a […]

  • Making the connection

    Increasingly the best of breed lead not by virtue of power alone, but by excelling in the art of relationship, the singular expertise that the changing business climate renders indispensable. Leadership excellence is being redefined in interpersonal terms. (From ‘Primal Leadership – Learning to Lead with Emotional Intelligence’, Goleman, Boyatzis and McKee) David, a delegate […]