Beyond horses

Wrap around development

In order to maximise the impact we have on your business, LeadChange offers wrap around development. At LeadChange we have a broad range of experience and expertise developing individuals, teams and organisations across many sectors and industries. We have chartered psychologists, NLP master practitioners and MBAs on our team with leading-edge facilitation and coaching capabilities. We are qualified to use a range of psychometric questionnaires to explore individual and team styles.

Talk to us about what you would like to achieve as an individual, team or business and we will develop solutions tailored for you. Solutions can be stand alone or combined with the horses.


    We can provide one-to-one coaching sessions, via skype or face-to-face, as a powerful way ensure the moments of insight reached in our workshops translate to sustained behaviour change.


    The LeadChange workshop will create a lasting impact with the horses acting as a memorable anchor for behaviour change within the team. Enhance this further by exploring team dynamics using a team psychometric. Enabling an in-depth exploration of personality styles, how they impact the team interaction, and how to leverage them for optimal performance.


    Programmes are built using a mix of learning strategies closely linked to talent management and business objectives, with a focus on demonstrating the impact on performance at individual, and organisational levels. Programmes can be designed for all levels of leaders – from managers new to leadership, to those preparing for board positions.


    In-depth assessment using a blend of personality profiles, critical thinking assessments and leadership frameworks to identify and explore strengths, development areas, potential career accelerators and derailers.