Why I help others make changes for a better life

I took the first steps that would transform my life and lead to the creation of Whole-Life Balance following a routine visit from a Health Visitor.

I was at a low point in my life, and she noticed my pain and confusion. I had been through a painful divorce and my new relationship had broken down, leaving me a single parent to my baby boy. The Health Visitor intervened.

She coached me through the early months of single parenthood and helped me find professional help for my mental health struggles. She could also see the joy I felt at the birth of my son and the determination I had to change my life for my son and me.

Later, when I felt I was suffering burnout and stress in my senior leadership role, I sought the help of a coach. Life coaching showed me how I could improve my self-care, balance my life, and live an intentional life by remaining true to what is important to me. It was also the moment I discovered I wanted to become a coach and help others make the same breakthrough in their life as I had in mine.

I gained a Diploma in Transformational Coaching from the Animas Centre for Coaching in London and Whole Life Balance was born in 2018.

The opportunity to get help for my mental health struggles was also a turning point in my life. It showed me that we need first aid for mental health, just as we have first aid for physical health. I trained to become a First Aid for Mental Health trainer. Now Whole Life Balance provides Ofqual-regulated awards in First Aid for Mental Health.

I use my 25 years’ experience in customer-facing teams to offer coaching and consultancy to organisations that provide a service and to the arts sector.

I have led teams who come from across the world and are of various ages, abilities, and orientations. If every team member feels included and understands each other, they will be happy at work and more productive. If your team understand your customers’ values and culture, you will provide a successful customer experience.

I have overcome burnout, trauma, and stress. Now I help leaders overcome their challenges, beat overwhelm and become more effective.

My story is the reason I set up Whole Life Balance. My experiences, both in my personal life and in my career, inspire me to help others achieve their goals and dreams in life and work.

About Whole Life Balance

Whole Life Balance gives you the direction, confidence, and support to build a better wellbeing culture — for you or your workplace.

I offer 3 services, all aimed at building better wellbeing cultures.

About Kickstart your Goal One-to-One Laser Coaching

By balancing all aspects of your life, we can build strong foundations of wellbeing. I help you discover how to take ownership of your life, become accountable and make the change for the life you deserve.

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About First Aid for Mental Health Training

Mental health and wellbeing are essential if we are building a better wellbeing culture. I offer training to individuals and organisations to achieve First Aid for Mental Health Awards, regulated by Ofqual. This training will build your confidence to have conversations about mental health at home and in the workplace. It will also enable you to recognise when others face mental health struggles. And it will show you how to signpost them to professional help if needed.

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About Building Better Wellbeing Cultures in the Workplace

My consultancy, mentoring and coaching service is ideal for service-based businesses and teams in the arts sector that want to create a wellbeing culture. I have nearly three decades of experience in front-facing roles in the arts, culture, and hospitality sectors. I combine this experience with my role as a coach, consultant, and First Aid for Mental Health trainer to provide:

  • Consultancy for teams that want to improve their awareness of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.
  • Coaching with a focus on wellbeing and mental health with the aim of increasing workplace retention.
  • Tailor made mentoring and coaching for leaders to develop and to beat stress and overwhelm.

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